Artifacts Edit

Artifacts are the pieces of Ed that are still missing and scattered about Progress City. Each artifact enhances Ed's already outstanding abilities, grants him some sort of new power, or links him to his destiny. Ed is drawn to the objects and they are often what the Dojo Crew and Bedlam are after.

As seen in Episode 14: Static part 2, there are a total of ten artifacts that are in a specific sequence. Sadly, the series ended before all ten were revealed. A total of seven artifacts that can only be properly be used by Ed or someone with his specific genegic signature in the sequence shown were revealed throughout the show.

List of Artifacts Edit

Slammer- The first of Ed's artifacts to be found. The slammer is an energy based weapon that can be used as a sword, whip, rope, cable, energy booster, and shockwave creator.

Map and Locator Key- A sphere like object that only Ed was able to unlock. It allows the weilder to see a map of Progress City and locate the other artifacts.

Optigogs- A sensory enhancing object that Ed obtained whlie accompanied by Ol'Skool and Fizz in a bunker. This Artifact is in two pieces and they are mounted on both of Ed's temples. They grant him enhanced vision in the dark, the ability to see codes and sequences in machinery, and allow him to see clues and writing where his mysterious destiny is involved.

NeoDermis- An armor like weapon, or ability enhancing skin. This Artifact comes in the shape of several pieces of armor that automatically fuse to the wearer. It enhances the power and speed of the user, though it is very hard to control even for Ed.

The Link- A spherical Artifact that is the key to opening the path to The Machine. The link is what sustains the connection between Ed and The Machine.

Phase Belt- An artifact that is in the form of a belt and allows the wearer to have the ability to teleport and bend the light around them so that it cloaks their presence, making them invisible.

Electromagnetic Field Generator- Though it has no official name, this Artifact has only been seen used once. It is similar to an EMP patch and is placed on the user's chest. It gives the user the ability to generate and control electricity and manipulates the electromagnetic forces around the wearer in order to give them the ability to levitate and propel themselves through the air.

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